Excellent Expressive Exhibitions

Devika Burman, founder of Devika Couture recently took part in several exhibitions where she could showcase her latest vintage collection. London Ethnic’s showcase of emerging designers for London Fashion Week September 2016 was one of many that she attended. During London Fashion Week 2016 in September at London Ethnic’s event, she had her own stand in which she presented her products; This exciting event was a challenge that she took on with determination to thrive and achieve her goals. The day started off by setting up early in the morning and ensuring that all her designs were being showcased effectively and each product had another complimenting it placed near by. As the day went on and the groups of people were hustling and bustling through the different rooms looking at the different talents that were at the London Ethnic’s showcase of emerging designers event, Devika Couture was recognised for the unique themes in the fashion brand. It was clear that the designer’s influence of the world was being portrayed effectively.

Another Exhibition that Devika attended was at Mahiki in London that was also organised by London Ethnic. This exhilarating exhibition was all about making those all important connections and networking with people in the fashion industry! The day was full of sociable people all excited to hear about the Devika Couture brand and what it was all about. Moreover, it was to meet and greet the designer behind it and get to know her true inspirations. As well as raising awareness of her own brand, Devika had the chance to discover about other brands and what kind of designs were emerging and becoming more popular in the market. It was an entertaining yet educational event that only progressed the brand further.

Exhibitions are something Devika flourishes in and loves to be a part of! The brand is quickly being established and events such as these have enticed buyers, press and influencers which has created a successful few months for Devika. It has also resulted in invites to many more exhibitions in the UK and internationally too, such as Dubai.  Exhibitions have the perfect balance of raising awareness of your brand as well as seeing how much interest your brand evokes and how established your brand is and can be in the future! She is looking forward to going to the next few exhibitions that are lined up soon such as Break Through in Fashion 2017 in October and the next Mahiki event.

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