Inspiration of the Ages

Devika’s curiosity in history sparked the idea for her to develop a collection based on her interest; she decided to create designs that are stimulated by the historical eras that she believed were most influential. She did her trend research and started working on her vintage collection that has currently been showcased in exhibitions around the country.

Pleats is a big fashion trend that is coming back to season, they work well with maxi dresses, skirts especially. It correlates with an older vintage theme which Devika has incorporated within her vintage collections. However, she believes that her end product has a radical balance, like an object which has four equal points and says that it reflects the idea of out with the old and in with the new modern twist.

Devika believes that one of the greatest techniques was made by Madeline Vionnet during the 1930’s, she was working on ladies fashion from the 1930’s to 2000 and has effectively changed the face of beauty in Devika’s opinion; particularly with her crochet collars which included ribbons. Devika focuses on historical cutting styles and costumes for her collection, she produced some observation sketches and photos focusing on sleeves, collars, darts and bodices as well as visiting the V&A museum to develop her understanding of garment construction and get more inspiration on which fabrics to use for her dresses. For her masks, she was influenced by icons such as Grace Kelly and Audery Hepburn in the 1950’s and established these creative designs using the fabrics, colours, glitter make up, mask shapes and pattern loops that were similar to that time!


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